Our Clinics

We run many clinics for the management of chronic diseases and offer a wide variety of medical services.

Chronic Disease management (CDM Clinics)

If you suffer from heart disease, raised blood pressure, diabetes, COPD or asthma we would like to see you at least once a year to check your condition, medication and to discuss lifestyle advice. You will be invited to a ‘CDM’ appointment with your GP or a practice nurse. If you have not seen a doctor or a nurse for a year about your condition, please contact us to make a ‘CDM’ appointment.

Stop Smoking

Fridays mornings, ask Reception for more information.

Flu Clinics

For patients over 65 and those at risk. These occur in the autumn and times will be advertised. All GPs and nurses provide this service.

Warfarin clinics

By appointment with practice nurses.

Ante-Natal Clinics

Thursdays 13:00 – 17:00, by appointment with the midwives.


The phlebotomist runs a drop in clinic every morning in the surgery between 08:30 and 10:15. There is no need to book for this but please let reception know when you have arrived.

The phlebotomist can also visit patients on a Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday morning. The phlebotomist provides home visits to take blood samples.  This is for housebound patients only.

Alcohol Counsellor

Thursdays 13:00 – 16:00. Appointments by referral from your GP or practice nurse. 

Welfare Benefits Advisor

Tuesdays 10:00h – 13:00. This is a Drop-in-Clinic provided by Granton Information Centre. For further information ask at reception. 

Baby Clinic

Wednesdays 1030h – 1200h. A drop in clinic for parents and babies with the health visitors.

Immunisation Clinic

Monday mornings & Tuesday mornings and afternoons for children under 5, by appointment only.  Consent for treatment will be requested and recorded in health visitors the medical records.

Child Development

For children under 5, 6-8 week check by appointment only with a GP. Otherwise by appointment with health visitor.

Cervical Screening

Cervical screening is routinely offered every three years to women aged between 25 and 49 years of age and every 5 years to women aged between 50 and 64. Women on non-routine screening (where screening results have shown changes that require further investigation/follow up) will be invited up to age 70 years. 

Cervical screening saves around 5,000 lives in the UK every year and prevents 8 out of 10 cervical cancers from developing.

This is carried out by the practice nurse. You will receive a letter inviting you to have a smear test when it is due. Please make every effort to have the test done.

Family Planning

All our doctors and practice nurses provide this service. General advice on the pill, coil-fittings and contraceptive implants can be given. Coil fittings and contraceptive implants can be fitted at Chalmers St or at Craigroyston Health Clinic.

If you require emergency contraception this can be issued by the pharmacy.

Minor Surgery

Speak to Reception for further information.