Allow two full working days for all prescriptions to be processed.

Remember the surgery is not open on weekends and bank holidays.

Requested medications not on your repeats list will be prepared in three full working days.

Repeat Prescriptions

  • If you are on medicines for longer than a few weeks your doctor may decide that you do not need to come to the surgery for every prescription
  • You will given a repeat prescription order form which you can hand in or post to the medical centre when you need to order more medication
  • Alternatively email repeat prescription requests with drug names, doses, and your full name and date of birth to:
  • Note – this mailbox is for repeat prescriptions only
  • We do not accept repeat prescription requests over the telephone
  • You may also wish to consider using your local pharmacy; they can arrange to order your repeat prescription for you to collect from them, or have delivered to your home if appropriate
  • You will be asked to confirm your name, address and postcode when you collect your prescription
  • You may nominate someone to collect your prescription on your behalf, by completing and returning a Prescription Collection Consent Form (available from Reception)

Reviewing Medications

  • The doctors at the practice regularly review the medication you are taking.
  • These regular medications and notification should appear on your repeat slip.
  • This may involve changes to your tablets, in accordance with current Health Board policies.
  • Please be reassured that this will not affect your treatment.
  • We may sometimes call you in for a medication review and this may involve blood tests.
  • It is very important that you attend these appointments, as it keeps you safe whilst taking medication.

Acute Prescriptions

  • Non Repeat Prescriptions known as “Acute” prescriptions are medicines that have been issued by the Doctor but not added to your repeat prescription records
  • This is normally a new medication issued for a trial period and may require a review visit with your Doctor prior to being added onto your repeat prescription records
  • Some medications are recorded as acute as they require to be closely monitored by the Doctor
  • You may therefore not always be issued with your requested medication as you may need to consult with your Doctor

Hospital Discharge Medications

  • When you are discharged from hospital you should normally receive five days supply of medication
  • Please bring the medication requirements issued by the hospital to us here at Crewe Medical Centre (or post via SAE) before your supply of medication has run out
  • A GP will check the medication change request, and if necessary will issue a prescription
  • We will try and issue you a new prescription on the same day

Extending Repeats

  • For patients leaving Scotland for long periods of time (eg, over three weeks) it may not be in their best interest to self-medicate with an extended prescription
  • Under these circumstances, patients may be prescribed only as much medications as they need until they find a doctor to take care of their condition at their destination
  • The surgery can explain the safest course of action if you are leaving Scotland and are currently prescribed repeat medications