Sick or Fit Note


If you have been sick for less than seven days you may self–certify your illness using a SC2 form, available from your employer or by visiting the HMRC website.

If you are going to be unwell for more than seven days you should see a Doctor at Crewe to assess your fitness to work.

Statement of Fitness for Work

A doctor’s medical certificate, also knows as ‘Med 3’ or ‘Fit for Work’ note is ONLY issued after a period of seven consecutive days of absence due to illness. It is necessary for your employer to make a valid calim for Statutory Sick Pay (SSP).

If you feel you are going to be ill for more than seven days please make an appointment to see your GP who may need to examine you before issuing your certificate.

Note that a Med 3 or Fit Note is only valid from the day on which it is signed and cannot be backdated.

Under exceptional circumstances the Doctor may issue a backdated a Fit Note for longer periods of absence from work, only if a patient has had previous contact with the surgery or another medical professional providing documented notes regarding the condition concerned, and where it would have been reasonable to advise the patient to be off work from the date given.

Private Certificates

If your employer insists upon a Fit Note after a period of absence of less than seven days, the Doctor may apply a charge for providing a letter to this effect.

Under the NHS contract, Doctors are not required to provide Fit Notes for students who are ill and unable to attend college or university courses. Your Doctor may charge a student for providing private certificates or letters.